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School and the Sensitive Child - energy work for back-to-school anxiety

Are you and the kids ready for school? Energy Work could help you and your child to ease into the new normal. How can we help our sensitive children through this rite of passage? We all experience some degree of stress throughout our lives and to a large extent this is related to change and the great unknown. So what are the prevalent questions that students tend to ruminate over.

  1. What if no one likes me?

  2. Will I have any friends?

  3. What if I don’t understand the teacher?

  4. What if the teacher doesn’t like me?

  5. Am I dressed like the other kids?

  6. Am I cool enough?

  7. Will anyone want to have lunch with me?

In short, will I fit in?

Children who miss out on the school experience may also be missing out on social experience. Establishing routines can help to provide stability. Parents may need to address their own concerns as our children pick up cues from us. It could be helpful for teachers to be informed if a child is struggling. They have tried and true strategies which have served them over their careers. A meet and greet with the teacher could help to inform you and your child what to expect over the year. Inviting classmates over could be a great stress reliever. A school-related shopping trip could make the prospect of school more exciting.

Energy Work is a gentle system of practices which deal with the energy systems of the body with the goal of removing blockages and restoring harmony.

Jan Hansen, BodyTalk, Accunect, Energy Work, Reiki, Reflexology, Access Consciousness

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