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Beauty background with facial cosmetic p

Beauty background with facial cosmetic p

holistic facial




Restorative Facial  1 hour 45min

This facial is our healthful answer to well-ageing, a term we far prefer over anti-aging. Our Restorative Facial supports your skin health and vitality with a through consultation and modalities such as Advanced Facial Massage, Facial Gua Sha and Facial Cupping. These techniques activate movement and energy within your skin and deeper tissues while working to awaken and strengthen your circulation to create immediate lifting, brightening, and hydrated plumpness.


Topically, each skin is beautifully different in its needs and each session includes a double cleanse with gentle enzyme exfoliation as well as a variety of oils, bespoke nutrient infusions and custom blended masks to safely and effectively reset your skin surface. Show Me What You Love believes in treating the skin holistically and with respect by preserving the integrity of our barrier and restoring balance to our largest living organ.


The goal of this process is always to release muscle tension, stimulate lymphatic and circulatory flow and bring each individual into a state of deep relaxation. It is only in the parasympathetic state that the body is able to fully focus on healing.


* Please note you must wait a minimum of 4 weeks after any injectable treatment such as Botox or fillers before booking a facial



For clients who want to continue improving the health of their skin at home with products that nourish and repair their skin at the cellular level. In Calgary, we literally live where the air hurts our face. What our skin needs to combat the damaging trifecta of low humidity, cold temperatures and hard water is very different than other parts of Canada. This bundle is designed to strengthen and repair your lipid barrier by giving it the necessary ingredients it needs to thrive. Your skin journey begins with the Restorative Facial to remove tension and stress while infusing much needed hydration and nutrients into the skin. Continue your journey at home with products chosen specifically to suite your skin needs. This bundle includes a full size cleanser, toner, eye cream and moisturizer with bonus deluxe sized samples of exfoliation crème and facial oil. This bundle is normally priced at $447 but offered exclusively to Show Me What You Love clients at a savings of over $80.




Whether it’s called the “Anti-Gravity Facial”, “Sculptural Face Lift Buccal Massage” or “Non-Surgical Facelift”, this innovative and renowned European technique is no longer reserved for celebrities and royalty. To provide an incredible option for those who seek alternatives to injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers, Samantha has trained under Israel’s leading expert in facial aesthetics, Yakov Gershkovich, in his Sculptural Face Lift Technique and is currently one of a handful of Facialists in North America to hold his Advanced Level Certification. This method combines elements of Osteopathy, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue as well as Lymphatic draining philosophies that help restore the natural posture of the face. Featuring a unique intra-oral buccal massage, this technique tones, strengthens and relaxes facial muscles to create lift, plumps up lips, bring back symmetry and sculpts the jawline and cheekbones. This particular massage technique provides much needed relief for jaw tension and TMJ while encouraging oxygenated blood flow to all skin cells and muscle tissues. Results are cumulative and if a longer lasting shift in the re-patterning of habits of muscles and tissues is desired, it is recommended to complete an Accelerated Transformation Series.


* Please note you must wait a minimum of 4 weeks after any injectable treatment such as Botox or fillers before booking a facial




While monthly treatments are great for maintaining smooth, bright skin, our Accelerated Transformation Series offers an intensified repatterning of habits in muscles and tissues resulting in a longer lasting shift toward radiant youthful skin.


The Accelerated Transformation Series is a committed partnership with Show Me What You Love to maximize results. Featuring an exclusive nine session studio bundle, take home Gua Sha tool with care guidelines and option to add a full sized, customized skin care package that includes 4 corrective facial serums formulated specific to your skin needs, this series is carefully designed to transform, not just maintain, your skin.





     Studio Bundle 


Week 1 – Full Transformative Facial

Week 2 – 90 min Transformative Treatment

Week 3 – 90 min Transformative Treatment

Week 4 - 90 min Transformative Treatment

Week 5 - Full Transformative Facial

Week 6 - 90 min Transformative Treatment

Week 7 - 90 min Transformative Treatment

Week 8 - 90 min Transformative Treatment

Week 9 - Full Transformative Facial


            Home Care Support Package

With Gua Sha tool + care guidelines - $1950*

With Gua Sha tool, care guidelines, full skin care kit + 4 bespoke corrective facial serums - $2450*


*Prices do not include tax. Studio Bundle must be used within 12 weeks of purchase. Series are non transferrable and non refundable

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