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Maela Gasiglia

Osteopathic Manual Therapist who specializes in joint pain, sports injuries, digestive issues and pregnancy related issues.


I’m Maëla Gasiglia, a new osteopathic manual therapist (O.M.T) in Calgary. I've been working in a small town in Alberta for 6 months, but I am originally from the south of France.

With a growing curiosity and a desire to help people, I quickly turned my attention to learning about the human body, through anatomy, bio mechanics and physio-pathology. This naturally led me to the osteopathic profession, which confirms my desire to learn more and more in order to put my skills at
the service of people. I obtained my diploma in osteopathy, after 5 years of study at the “Institut de formation en ostéopathie du Grand Avignon” (IFO-GA).
During my studies, I discovered climbing, particularly outdoor climbing, where I was able to take full advantage of nature and which proved to be very precious and pleasurable for me. This new passion allowed me to discover the South of France in a different way, through its cliffs.
It’s with this desire to discover new horizons, and to be available to others that I’m now in Canada.
Through Alberta’s mountains and culture, I’m convinced that this is the region that suits me best.
It is with great pleasure that I join Maximum Health Wellness Centre!
I’m looking forward to getting to know you too!
See you soon

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