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3 Ways Chewing Your Liquids and Drinking Your Solids Improves Your Health

To chew your liquids means using the motion of chewing, even if what's in your mouth is liquid in order to stimulate the digestive juices and optimize digestion.

To drink your solids means masticating food so well, it becomes liquid before swallowing.

Slowing down, chewing each "bite" 39 times, and enjoying all the flavours of your meal makes one healthier and happier by:

1. Improving the action of salivary enzymes, which begin the breakdown of food, and also stimulate the stomach, pancreas, and gallbladder to release acids, enzymes, and bile flow.

2. Eliminating gas and bloating that sometimes occurs due to poor digestion.

3. Stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for mealtimes to be more contemplative, mindful, and stress-free.

Chew for health and happiness.

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