Your Health is Your Most Important Asset
Invest in yourself

Our clinic brings together experienced practitioners from a variety of disciplines such as Registered Massage therapy, Acupuncture/Chinese medicine, Functional Medicine, BodyTalk, and more, to provide a complete approach to your treatment. As your needs change over time, so can your treatments, all under one welcoming, familiar roof.  

We believe health is not just the absence of disease,

but a state of immense cognitive, physical, and emotional vitality.
Work Hard
Cognitive Vitality: Let us help you think clearly, learn better, remember easily and enhance functions such as motor skills, deeper focus, more energy.
Play Harder
Physical Vitality: Let us help you with your sports performance, training, injuries, pain, lymphatic drainage and rehabilitation. Athletes, weekend warriors, prenatal discomfort, to pediatric complaints.
Love Life
Emotional Vitality: Let us help you with stress, anxiety, depression, mental health, relaxation, rejuvenation, deeper sleep, chronic illness,
How to get a treatment you'll will love

We get it – you don’t want to cause a problem, so you bite your tongue about your therapist’s chatter, the music, the temperature, the pressure, the technique. But we want your feedback and direction. 


If you cannot find a time on the online booking system feel free to give us a call and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Often small adjustments in a schedule will help fit you in.
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