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Jan Hansen

With an extensive background in counselling, group facilitation, and as an educator, Jan has found her passion in the alternative sector for the past decade.


Expect your session to transcend the ordinary and to encompass everything from energy alignment through the use of sacred geometry and symbols to more traditional therapies. Her sessions are specialized and intuitively designed. The goal of your course of treatment will be to assist you in manifesting overall wellness.


Jan's education and certification includes: BA (Psych), Reiki Master (RM), Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), BodyTalk Access Practitioner (BAT), Colour/Sound Therapist (CST), Quantum Touch Practicioner (QTP).

Agenda and Performance


Do you have an important event coming up which evokes some stress for you?  This can be helped by a specifically targeted session.

Performance Sessions

BodyTalk synchronizes the systems of the body for peak performance. BodyTalk can be used to address the following and more: financial goals, specific events such as a speeches, exams, athletic competitions, overcoming fears and phobias, improved relationships, surgery, job interviews, public speaking, sporting events, presentations and more.

Agenda sessions

Agenda sessions are those which are broader in scope including general self improvement. These may involve several sessions in order to maximize the experience. Examples could be health issues, emotional upset and relationship concerns, animal care and more.

Public speaking
Job Interview
Studying and Exams
Sports Competitions
Fears and Phobias
Performance at School
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