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Eunice Mooney

No Oil Massage with lots of stretching/movement

Manual Lymph Drainage and Complex Decongestive Therapy

Myofascial Release/Body Alignment

Neuromuscular Therapy

Registered massage therapist with extensive training in Lymphedema Treatment


A massage with Eunice is a unique massage experience, to find out even more about the treatment and her style please visit


Eunice Mooney has been a Registered Massage Therapist and a Certified Lymphatic Therapist since the early 1990s. Her fascination with human movement and body alignment combined with many years of training and experience lead her to develop the Eunique Alignment Therapy protocol for re-establishing and maintaining good health and pain-free movement. This one of a kind method focuses on your body as a whole and allows Eunice to be more precise in finding the underlying cause of your pain and injuries. Treatment plans are customized to each individual to reduce pain and inflammation. Therapy may include a combination of Detailed Alignment Assessment, Myofascial Release, MediCupping, Manual Lymph Drainage, Chi Nei Tsang, Elastic Taping, Somatic Movement, Home Maintenance Program.

All Eunique therapies are pain-free without the use of oil or lotion. On a mental/emotional level, it is important to switch the body from a sympathetic (stress)  to parasympathetic (relaxed) response.  Not only does this feel good to the client, but it is also important to remember that in order for the body to heal, it needs to be in parasympathetic mode.  The benefits of good body alignment include much more than looking great.  Our breathing, digestion, circulation, and overall health is dependent on our posture and movement.


Eunice's website:

Eunice is available to do mobile home visits for certain situations including- wheelchair-bound, bedridden, post-surgery, palliative care and hospital visits.  Please call for availability.

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