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Paula Kent

Registered Massage Therapist

Certified Meditation Coach

Somatic Therapist


Paula Kent RMT, Certified Meditation Coach, Somatic Therapist


Paula has been a practicing RMT since 1999.  Since her late teen years she has been a continuous student of alternative healing to discover solutions to her own unbalanced health. That path has taken her through many different treatment modalities and settings, across provinces and countries, both personally and professionally. Through such diversity she has found a common thread, the body knows best.  When you are able to slow down, bring your attention to the body and listen to what it has to say, your body will tell you what is ailing it and how to help it. Paula has learned that by providing safe and sacred space the body will communicate and the mind can listen, then the wisdom of what’s needed to balance your body and mind will rise. She will guide and support you into your body’s own natural wisdom.

Please book a 15 min consult first to book with Paula to make sure her treatment is right for you.

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